What we do

Would you develop your own Google search engine? Your Social Network? Or your own graphic design software? Would you even know where to start? So, why develop them? Why would you spend resource and capital developing your own email system, website Content Management System (CMS) or other technology platform, when many of the most popular systems are already out there, created and being used by millions of businesses like yours! Why develop when best practice, standards and optimisation are already being built by a community of millions of users? Why develop, when you can get it for free?!

More and more, services are being provided on-line with ad-supported, ‘freemium’ and open-source business models. What this means for your business is you can use amazing tools without the cost or risk of maintaining your own infrastructure etc. Some of these tools are suitable for your business, sometimes they are not! This is what we do. We handle the navigation of the social web and give professional advice to help create the right combination of technology tools, strategy and activities to help you build your website, social media and digital marketing.